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Rjurik Culture


Endurance: 23 + Heart Hope: 7 + Heart

Cultural Blessing: Woodland Nomads

The Rjurik are a tough and cunning people, half-wild and closer to the ways of the fae than any other culture.

While fighting in the woods, use your favored Wits score as your basic Parry rating. In addition, you may always add your Wits attribute to the preliminary skill roll before a journey without needing to spend a point of Hope.

Weapon Skills

(Axes) 2, Spear 1, Dagger 1 Claymore 2, Bow 1, Dagger 1

Common Skills

Body Heart Wits
Personality Awe 1 Inspire 1 Persuade 0
Movement Athletics 2 Travel 2 Stealth 1
Perception Awareness 1 Insight 1 Search 1
Survival Explore 2 Healing 2 Hunting 2
Custom Song 1 Courtesy 0 Riddle 0
Vocation Craft 0 Battle 1 Lore 0


Choose two from: Beast-lore, Fire-making, Fishing, Herb-lore, Region-lore, Woodwright