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General Rewards

Cunning Make (armour, headpiece, or shield) Reduce the Encumbrance rating by 2.

Close-fitting (armour or headpiece) The Protection rating is improved by +1.

Reinforced (shield) The shield’s Parry bonus is increased by 1, and the shield cannot be smashed.

Grievous (weapon) The weapon’s damage rating is increased by 2.

Keen (weapon) The weapon’s Edge rating is improved by 1.

Fell (weapon) The weapon’s Injury rating is increased by 2.

Anuirean Unique Rewards

Banner of the Iron Throne When on a journey, you and your companions reduce the difficulty of all Fatigue tests by your Wisdom rating.

Blade of Noble Lineage This can be any type of sword. If you are struck in close combat by an unblooded mortal, you deal Endurance loss to the attacker equal to your Valour or Wisdom (whichever is higher).

Crown of Heroes When you make a roll using Awe or Inspire, roll the feat die twice and take the better result.

Ruinous Polearm This is a type of great spear. When fighting opponents of humanoid shape and size, increase your close combat Damage rating by 4.

Tower Shield This is a special type of great shield. When using a tower shield, you have an additional +1 Parry rating against ranged attacks. If a ranged attack does hit you, reduce the Endurance loss by two points.

Brecht Unique Rewards

Books and Maps of Perilous Voyages When you enter a Blighted place, make a Lore roll to recognize the nature of the threat. This lowers the TN of any corruption tests for you and your companions by 2. Additionally, if you do, you may spend the next Fellowship phase compiling your travels to gain 1 experience point.

Heart-Seeking Rapier If you roll an extraordinary success, you also score a Piercing blow.

Kraken-Harpoon This is a spear. When you make a ranged attack with it, roll the Feat die twice and take the better result. Additionally, if you make a ranged attack and score a great or extraordinary success, the target cannot increase its distance from you. This prevents retreat or flying monsters from making full use of their mobility.

Sera-Blessed Coat This is a type of leather armor. You may roll the feat die twice and keep the best result for Protection tests. Additionally, the armor feels unusually cold to the touch whenever a creature with the Denizen of the Dark ability is nearby (within 100 yards or so).

Swashbuckler’s Boots When fighting on a boat, raft, or other mercurial surface (e.g. a rope bridge, unstable ruin) you gain an extra combat advantage bonus die. Additionally, whenever you are attacked you may expend a combat advantage bonus die to give yourself a +3 bonus to your Parry score against that attack.

Khinasi Unique Rewards

Arrows of the Sun When wielding a bow, your ranged Damage score is based not on your Body but your favoured Wits.

Composite Bow Reduce the Encumbrance of this bow by 1. In addition, you can use this bow on horseback in any stance and on horseback your success dice are not limited by your Athletics skill.

Dancing Scimitar This can be a short sword, sword, or long sword. When you attack with this weapon, ignore any Parry rating bonus your target has from a shield. Additionally, if you are in the Forward stance your close combat Damage rating is increased by 2.

Marauder’s Armor This can be any type of armor. While wearing this, you roll an additional success die whenever you are required to make a Travel test. Additionally, if you roll a Gorgon’s Eye on a Travel test, you may spend a point of Hope to turn it into a Divine symbol instead.

Spells of Avani: Gain one of the following abilities. You may learn the others by spending 2 xp as an undertaking during the Fellowship phase. Each spell costs either a point of Hope or increases the Eye Awareness by one (your choice when casting). • Avani’s Light Make a Lore roll with a TN of 14. On a success, all nearby creatures with the Fear of Fire and the Hate Sunlight abilities lose two points of Hate (a creature with both loses three points instead). For the next 2, 3, or 4 rounds (depending on success level) each such creature loses an additional point whenever it rolls a Divine symbol this combat. • The Eye of al-Arassi Make a Lore roll with a TN of 10, plus the highest Attribute level of all foes. On a successful roll all foes are considered to have no favoured skills for the rest of this round plus an additional 2, 3, or 4 rounds (depending on success level). • Sunblade This spell requires no roll and can be cast as a free action. For the rest of the battle, a golden glow plays off your blade as if it were reflecting the midday sun. Improve its Edge rating by two. Additionally, against creatures with the Fear of Fire or the Hate Sunlight ability its Injury rating also improves by one (against creatures with both abilities, it improves by two instead).

Rjurik Unique Rewards

Bearded Axe This can be any type of axe. On a successful attack roll, you may choose to downgrade the success level by one step to either smash your opponent’s shield or disarm them.

Beast-Hide Armor This can be a type of leather armor. While wearing this armor, if you are in the Forward stance you can both try to Intimidate Foes and make an attack roll on the same turn.

Dragon Torc You may wield close combat two-handed weapons in only one hand, allowing you to also employ a shield or two dual-wield large weapons. In addition, you have a bonus success die to any roll relying on nothing but raw strength (e.g. kicking in a door, wrestling down an ox).

Monster Hunter’s Sword This is a claymore. On a great or extraordinary success, you cause additional Endurance loss equal to your basic Heart rating.

Woad You start each combat with a number of temporary Endurance points equal to double your Valour score.

Elven Unique Rewards

Elf Finery Your clothes, jewelry, and equipment possess an exquisite, otherworldly quality. You always carry some of the comfort and sanctuary of the fae world around you. Once per session you may turn a Gorgon Eye’s roll into a Divine symbol. You may also Heal Corruption during each Fellowship phase in addition to another action.

Elven Cloak In the wilderness, you can wrap the cloak around you and make a TN 14 Stealth roll. On a success, you are undetectable by any means for as long as you do not move or make a sound.

Feathered Armor This can be any type of leather or chain armor. Reduce its Encumbrance rating by 4.

Lord-Bow Arrows seem to leap from this bow with a sense of great eagerness, glad to fly and to serve their master. This can be a bow or great bow. You are allowed an additional opening volley each combat, even in situations where no opening volleys are allowed (unless you are surprised). Additionally, each combat round when you attack with this bow, you may spend a point of Hope to make an extra attack. Only one such extra attack can be made each round.

Sword of the Wyld Hunt This can be a short sword, sword, or long sword. When fighting creatures not of fae nature, the Injury rating of this weapon is increased by 2. When you roll a Divine symbol on the feat die, it’s increased by an additional 2.

Dwarven Unique Rewards

Axe of Moradin This can be any type of axe. When you attack an enemy with an Attribute level of 7 or less, if you roll a Divine symbol, the opponent is Weary for the rest of the combat.

Dwarf-Iron Armor This can be chain or plate armor. You may roll the Feat die twice and keep the best result for Protection tests.

Gift of the Forge You possess a magic ring, crown, scepter, or similar item of power. It provides you with a +1 bonus to the base rating of your Body, Heart, or Wits.

Mask of the Dwarf King This is a full helm. When underground or in the dark, its protection bonus rises from +3 to +5.

Mattock of the Titans Any opponent who rolls a Protection test against this weapon must roll the Feat die twice, and take the lower result.