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You don’t receive strife points from Strife symbols on your kept dice. You can still receive strife points from other sources.

General Examples

O: If you failed, determine the easiest way to accomplish the task. O+: Negate 1 strife point you would have gained from this check per O spent this way. OO: Provide Assistance to the next character to attempt this or a related check. O: Choose a ring other than Void. Reduce the TN of your next check by 1 if it uses that ring. O+: Feel a disturbance in the Force in the scene. Extra O gives an increasingly precise sensation for the supernatural occurrence. OO: Gain spiritual insight into the nature of the universe or your own heart. At the GM’s discretion, you may establish a fact about your character that has not been previously revealed but relates to the situation.


O: Sense if one of your opponents is strong in the Force or some supernatural entity.

Conflict Examples

O: During the next Attack action check you make before the end of your next turn, ignore one terrain quality of your choice. O+: During a Support action check, increase your Initiative value by 1 per O spent this way. OO: Ignore the effects of one condition you are suffering until the end of your next turn. OO: Critical hit.

Other Examples

Artisan O: Reduce the TN of the next check you make using the item you are attuning yourself to by 1. Scholar O: Intuit whether you can learn anything of value from your current course of inquiry. Social O: Discern the objective of another character in the scene. Trade O: Reduce any effect you have on your environment (and physical traces of your efforts) to a minimum.

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