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When you succeed on a check and you kept at least one Strife symbol, you gain 1 bonus success. If your school rank is 4 or higher, gain 2 bonus successes instead.

General Examples

O: If you failed, determine the easiest way to accomplish the task. O+: Negate 1 strife point you would have gained from this check per O spent this way. OO: Provide Assistance to the next character to attempt this or a related check. O: Inflame another character in the scene with your presence, causing them to receive 2 strife. O+: Perform the task in a flashy way, drawing attention to yourself. Extra O attracts even more notice. OO: Notice something missing or out of place in the vicinity that is not directly related to the task. At the GM’s discretion, you may establish an absence, such as a lack of shoes in a home indicating the occupant’s absence.


O: If you’re surprised, use your Focus instead of your Vigilance for your initiative.

Conflict Examples

O: Choose another character in the scene; increase the TN of the next check they make before the end of their next turn by 1 if it does not include you as a target. O+: During an Attack action check, increase the TN of the next check the target makes to resist a critical strike they suffer before the start of your next turn by 1 per O spent this way. OO: Other characters must receive 2 strife to choose you as the target of their Attack and Scheme actions until the start of your next turn. OO: Critical hit.

Force Power Examples

O+: Treat the maximum range of this technique as 1 higher per  spent this way. O: Reduce the TN of the next Attack action check you make by 1. This effect persists until the end of your next turn. O+: Increase the TN of checks to resist this effect by 1 per O spent this way. OO+: One target per OO spent this way must resist with a TN 3 Fitness check (Air 4, Water 1) or suffer the Burning condition.

Other Examples

Artisan O: If you succeed, make one additional copy of the item you are creating. Scholar O: Extrapolate the motivations or desires of another character in the scene or wider situation. Social O: Reduce the TN of the next Social check another character makes before the end of the scene by 1. Trade O: Unusual inspiration strikes; add a O result to the next check you make with another skill.

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