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When other characters make Attack or Scheme actions against you, any Opportunity costs are increased by 1. If your school rank is 4 or higher, increase it by 2 instead.

General Examples

O: If you failed, determine the easiest way to accomplish the task. O+: Negate 1 strife point you would have gained from this check per O spent this way. OO: Provide Assistance to the next character to attempt this or a related check. O Reassure another character in the scene with your presence, allowing them to remove 2 strife. O+: Act carefully to minimize consequences of failure or other dangers that could arise from the task. Extra O makes the attempt even safer. OO: Suddenly recall an important piece of information not directly related to the task. At the GM’s discretion, you may establish a small preparatory action you took earlier, such as bringing along a common useful item.


O: Choose another character’s disadvantage you know. They do not apply that disadvantage to their checks this scene.

Conflict Examples

O: During a Movement action, ignore one terrain quality of your choice. O+: Reduce the severity of the next critical strike you suffer before the start of your next turn by 1 per O spent this way. OO: Do not apply one of your disadvantages to checks until the end of your next turn. OO: Critical hit.

Force Power Examples

O: If this technique can target characters other than you, choose an additional target. O+: Treat the maximum range of this technique as 1 higher per O spent this way. O: This effect inflicts physical damage instead of supernatural damage. O: The damage inflicted by this technique has the Sacred quality.

Other Examples

Artisan O: If you succeed, add the Durable quality to an item that you are restoring. Scholar O: Remember a place where you can research or study the topic you were attempting to recall. Social O: Increase the TN of the next Social check another character makes before the end of the scene by 1. Trade O: Reduce the TN of the next check another character makes with the same skill before the end of the scene by 1.

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