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Increase the TN of Attack and Scheme actions targeting you by 1. If your school rank is 4 or higher, increase it by 2 instead.

General Examples

O: If you failed, determine the easiest way to accomplish the task. O+: Negate 1 strife point you would have gained from this check per O spent this way. OO: Provide Assistance to the next character to attempt this or a related check. O: Learn another character’s current strife and their demeanor (if an NPC). O+: Act subtly to attract minimal attention. Multiple O make the attempt even subtler. OO: Notice and interesting detail about a character in the scene, such as an advantage or disadvantage. At the GM’s discretion, you may establish a new detail for an NPC.


O: Assess one foe’s weakness, learning one disadvantage of their choice.

Conflict Examples

O: Add an O to your next Martial skill check. O+: During a Movement action, up to 1 range band per O spent this way can be along a vertical surface. OO: Do not apply one of your disadvantages to your checks until the end of your next turn. OO: Critical hit.

Force Power Examples

OO: Choose one additional target. O+ Treat the maximum range of this technique as 1 higher per O spent this way. O: Reduce the TN of the next Movement action check you make by 1. This effect persists until the end of your next turn. OO+: If this technique targets all characters in an area, choose 1 character in range to exclude as a target per OO spent this way.

Other Examples

Artisan O: If you succeed, add the Resplendent or Subtle quality to an item you’re refining. Scholar O: Learn something about a character who used or created the item you’re studying. Social O: Learn if a character’s honor, glory, or status is higher, lower, or equal to yours. Trade O: Convince a buyer to pay an additional 10% for an item you’re selling.

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