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Sidhelien Half-Elf


Endurance: 20 + Heart Hope: 8 + Heart

Cultural Blessing: Folk of the Wild

Every now and then, a Sidhelien elf and a human may produce a child. Such children are half-mortal, possessed of an inner light and adept at using the secret magic of the fae. While remaining inside the fae realm they age exceedingly slowly but in the realms of men they age about as fast as a healthy and spry human would. As such they tend to be rare sights for humans.

While in a land that is ruled by neither civilization nor the Shadow, all Common Skills count as if favored. In addition, you can perceive creatures of the spirit-world, such as ghosts, wraiths, and true fae who choose not to be seen by mortal eyes.

Weapon Skills

(Swords) 2, Bow 1, Dagger 1 Great Bow 2, Spear 1, Dagger 1

Common Skills

Body Heart Wits
Personality Awe 2 Inspire 0 Persuade 1
Movement Athletics 2 Travel 0 Stealth 2
Perception Awareness 2 Insight 1 Search 0
Survival Explore 0 Healing 1 Hunting 1
Custom Song 2 Courtesy 0 Riddle 1
Vocation Craft 0 Battle 1 Lore 2


Choose two from: Beast-lore, Elven-lore, Herb-lore, Old lore, Region-lore, Woodwright