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Endurance: 28 + Heart Hope: 6 + Heart

Cultural Blessing: Redoubtable

The children of the mountain were once commonly seen in small groups, as traders, envoys, or even on mercenary work. But the majority of them dwell deep within their stone halls, forging wonders and locked in battle with their ancient enemies, the most hated orogs.

Calculate your Fatigue threshold by adding up the Encumbrance rating of all carried items, and then subtract your favored Heart score from the total. In addition, you roll an extra die on all protection tests.

Weapon Skills

(Axes) 2, Crossbow 1, Short Sword 1 Mattock 2, Spear 1, Short Sword 1

Common Skills

Body Heart Wits
Personality Awe 1 Inspire 1 Persuade 1
Movement Athletics 1 Travel 1 Stealth 0
Perception Awareness 0 Insight 1 Search 2
Survival Explore 1 Healing 0 Hunting 0
Custom Song 2 Courtesy 1 Riddle 2
Vocation Craft 2 Battle 1 Lore 1


Choose two from: Region-lore, Smith-craft, Smoking, Stone-craft, Trading, Tunneling