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Heritage Talents of Dark Sun

Age of Unrest: When you use Doom to purchase one or more dice for a skill test, you may reroll a single d20.

Animal Husbandry: When you make an Animal Handling test, you may reroll one d20.

Blessing of the Forest Goddess: You may reroll one d20 on any check to resist or recover from curses, possession, or other maladies with a spiritual or arcane origin. By spending a Fortune point you may call upon the Oba’s favor, and for the rest of the scene your attacks ignore armor soak granted by the Incorporeal ability.

Cerulean Father: When you make a Volley with a bow, double its normal benefits. (Normally this means +2d20 to the attack roll and +2D to the damage roll.)

Chi: When determining your psionic wild talent, you learn a second but slightly weakened one of the Psychometabolism discipline.

Cosmopolitan: When speaking with another character who also has the Cosmopolitan talent, you are both considered fluent. When you make a Linguistics test to understand something you’re not fluent in, you may reroll one d20.

Dune Trader: When you make a Society test to find an item for purchasing (core rulebook page 135) or for selling (page 136), you may reroll one d20.

Elf Warrior: Elves are masters of the bow and sword. So long as they wield such a weapon of elven make and design, it gains Piercing 1.

Gilded: Reduce your Upkeep costs by 1. In addition, you can estimate the wealth or value of a character, object, or location with an Average (D1) Craft or Thievery test. If a poor character ever disguises themselves as a rich one (or vice versa), this talent will reveal their true nature even if the disguise itself was flawless.

Glimmer of Hope: When you use a point of Fortune, you may roll a combat die after resolving the action. On an Effect, you regain the Fortune point spent.

Great Builder: When you make a Craft test to work with non-organic materials, you may reroll one d20. In addition, you may reduce the Availability of any Tool or Resource by 1, as you know how to make the most out of any available materials.

Hunter: When you make a Stealth or Survival test in a particular type of environment, you may reroll one d20.

Learned: Each Intelligence skill Talent costs 25 experience points fewer to purchase. In addition, when you perform an Extended Test based on an Intelligence skill, each Effect on your Work roll ignores one Resistance. (NB: In essence this is Piercing 1 for long-term projects.)

Lesson of Bronze: Any melee weapon you wield gains Unforgiving 1.

Lion-Hearted: When you use a Second Wind, whether through Momentum or Fortune, you gain both benefits.

Maze of Wonders: When you make a Carousing roll in between adventures, you may roll twice and pick the result you prefer.

Meditative: When you make a Counsel test, you may reroll one d20. You also have 1 morale soak.

Moon Calendar: When you spend a Fortune point you may also reduce the Doom pool by two points in addition to its other effects.

Outsider: You are from a culture that most others find strange and unfamiliar. You can exploit this to become inscrutable and bewildering. When dealing with civilized people from a different culture, you can use the Create Obstacle Momentum ability with a -1 Momentum discount (in total, not per increase).

Saddleborn: When mounted, all attacks with a weapon with the Cavalry quality can gain the bonus damage, not just Charge attacks.

Savage Court: Once per day, if you spend some significant amount of time within a social setting, you may make an Average (D1) Observation or Society test. Success gives you insight to the weak points of nearby alliances and relationships, how easy it would be to cause old wounds to reopen, and what the general nature of the simmering hostility is. If you use Momentum to Obtain Information about this, you may ask one additional question.

Scarab-Kissed: When making a Resistance test against disease or to recover from injuries, you may reroll one d20.

Silt Sailor: When you make a Sailing test, you may reroll one d20. This also applies to any other relevant ship-related tests, such as Acrobatics to retain your footing on a storm-tossed ship, or Lore for navigation. If you're on a boat and in combat with an opponent who has neither the Silt Sailor talent, nor can naturally persist within the Sea of Silt, then the benefit applies to combat rolls as well.

Slaver: Any melee weapon you wield may have the Fearsome 1 and Non-Lethal qualities, if you wish. You may decide whether or not to use this per attack. (Your attack either gains both qualities or neither.)

Strife: You may reroll one d20 on any skill test to detect ambushes and similar sudden violent outbreaks.

Stubborn: When you take the Clear minor action (core rulebook page 113) to remove a condition from yourself, you may reroll one d20.

Swift feet: When you make a terrain test, you may reroll one d20.

Terrors of the Desert: When you make a Mental attack based on intimidation, each Effect inflicts an additional point of damage to the target's Resolve.

The Last Civilization: Whenever you roll a skill test for a civilized purpose, you gain one bonus Momentum on any success. Civilized skill uses are those which are refined and cultured. Examples include formalized dances, crafting with noble metals, academic knowledge, exact sciences, and ritualized combats.

Third Eye: When determining your psionic wild talent, you learn a second but slightly weakened one of the Clairsentience discipline.

Thousand Castes: Note down your Caste and your Archetype skills, and choose a third skill which may be any other, except for Sailing, Sorcery, Stealth, or Thievery. (There may not be any overlap. If Caste and Archetype skills are the same, choose two other skills instead of just one.) Whenever you purchase a Talent for one of these three skills with XP, you have a 50 XP discount.

Tireless: Take the Additional Fatigue total from your encumbrance and armor worn, and reduce it by 2.

Warrior Culture: When you use the Confidence Momentum Spend to increase your morale soak (core rulebook age 118), one Momentum buys you 2D, and two Momentum buys you 4D.

Will of the People: When you grant Assistance to another’s skill test, you roll 2d20 instead of 1d20 to generate successes. If you receive Assistance from others, then the attempt doesn’t automatically fail if you don’t roll any successes yourself; if the assistants generate enough successes the attempt still succeeds.

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