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The Intermediate Powers of the Tyr Region

NB: All of these were originally cities and towns described in the Dark Sun setting. In this revised, homebrew version they have been greatly expanded in size and influence.


Altaruk 1
Altaruk 2
Altaruk is the famous Crossroads City, plus the surrounding lands and villages. Caravans from all over the region come here to trade and exchange cargo in its vast bazaars. The Altaran people are a diverse lot. It’s positioned centrally in the region, where the roads converge. Due to many foreign influences the city is a dizzying blend of styles. The houses are built in many different styles, and the air is heavy with exotic spices from all corners of the Tyr Region.

The city-state is ruled by a king in name only. In practice, the merchant houses of the region wield power here, but they are locked in a constant shadow war to snatch up any extra crumb of influence.


Cromlin is a nation of traders but also of smugglers, pirates, and elves. Let the buyer beware and the visitor never walk unguarded in this city-state. It is on the southern shore of the Bay of Maray.

By tradition the king is called an admiral, and is whichever person has the fleet to support their claim.


Ket 1
Ket 2
Ket 3
The lands of Ket are vast, arid plains dotted with a few pastures of scrub and hardy grasses. The Ketite people are expert riders who fend off slavers from Draj and distant northern Kurn, as well as tribes of giants. Ket lies in the far north-east, just off the map.

The Ketite king, Eabani, is frustrated that his land sustains his people, but bears him no precious jewels, metals, or bountiful harvests. His envoys travel far and wide, searching for the wise and the learned to invite them to Eabani's court, so that they may work and bring Ket to prosperity.


Ledo lies in the south and its people live mostly in the cities of North and South Ledopolus, separated by a silt estuary. The twin cities are of shining marble, jet, and basalt. They have a grand project to link the two cities by means of a vast bridge, though this has earned them the wrath of a wild tribe of giants who wade through the silt and consider it their territory.

The Ledo have a system of democracy, modeled after Balic's with some adjustments. Any free adult man who is not guilty of serious crimes, nor in great debt, nor of unsound mind, is required to attend the weekly meeting if able.


Makla is a verdant land near a lake in the north. Life is teeming here, and the Maklian people trade large quantities of fruits, grains, livestock, and slaves.

The king of Makla is a young boy, entirely unprepared for the task. His court schemes, striking deals and breaking alliances on a daily basis to become the power behind the throne.


Samarah 1
Samarah 2
Samarah 3
Samarah is Balic’s eternal rival. It is a nation of silt raiders, where men and women measure their worth by the plunder, cattle, and slaves they can take home. Both Balic and Samarah demand tribute from coastal villages for protection.

Once per year, they hold a great celebration full of athletic competitions and bloodsports. During this celebration the king may be challenged by any citizen for the throne in armed combat.


Walis 1
Walis 2
Walis, in the distant south, is a mountainous land with functional gold mines. The decadent nobility maintain their control over the exploited population through half-giant soldiers and mercenaries. A recent earthquake has opened up fissures which lead to a previously unknown cavern, filled with strange ruins. The nobles have ordered the mine sealed and had the miners who first explored the place killed. Whatever they found, they wish for it to remain secret.


Yaramuke 1
Yaramuke 2
Yaramuke 3
Yaramuke was once a Great City, but long ago a queen’s greed led to conflict with Urik as she tried to annex obsidian mines in the Smoking Crown mountains. This led to war and Yaramuke lost, her noble family slain to the last and its great buildings torn down. The people have descended into dozens of tiny warring states, perpetually locked into civil war to re-unite the lands under one banner and establish a new dynasty.

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