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Heavy Blades

Name Reach Damage Size Qualities Cost Encumbrance
Broadsword 2 4D Unbalanced Parrying, Vicious 1 6 1
Greatsword 3 5D 2H Vicious 1 8 2
Kopesh 2 4D 1H Vicious 1 5 1
Scimitar 2 3D 1H Cavalry 1, Parrying 5 1
Shortsword 1 4D 1H Parrying 4 1
Sword 2 4D 1H Parrying 5 1

Light Blades

Name Reach Damage Size Qualities Cost Encumbrance
Chatkcha C 3D 1H Volley 4 -
Dagger 1 3D 1H Hidden 1, Thrown, Unforgiving 1 4 -
Katar 1 3D 1H Hidden 1, Vicious 1 5 -
Knife 1 3D 1H Hidden 2, Improvised 2 -
Urikite Longknife 2 4D 1H Unforgiving 2 5 1
Widow's Knife 1 3D 1H Hidden 1, Intense 5 1
Wrist Razors 1 3D - Unforgiving 1 5 -


Name Reach Damage Size Qualities Cost Encumbrance
Battleaxe 2 4D 1H Intense 5 1
Carrikal 2 4D Unbalanced Unforgiving 1, Vicious 1 6 1
Forearm Axe 1 3D - Piercing 1 5 1
Greataxe 3 4D 2H Intense, Vicious 1 6 2
Hatchet/Tomahawk 2 3D 1H Thrown 4 1
Ketite Longaxe 2 4D 1H Cavalry 1, Intense 5 2


Name Reach Damage Size Qualities Cost Encumbrance
Club 2 3D 1H Improvised, Knockdown, Stun 2 1
Datchi Club 2 3D 1H Vicious 1 4 1
Macuahuitl 2 3D 1H Intense, Unforgiving 1 5 1
Maul 2 5D 2H Knockdown, Stun 6 2
Singing Sticks 1 3D 2x 1H Hidden 1, Parrying, Stun 3 1
Staff 3 3D 2H Knockdown 3 1
Totokia 2 3D 1H Piercing 2 5 1
Warhammer 2 4D Unbalanced Knockdown, Vicious 1 5 1


Name Reach Damage Size Qualities Cost Encumbrance
Alhulak 2 or 3 3D 1H Knockdown 5 1
Cahulak 2 or 3 4D 2H Knockdown 5 1
Thorned Net 2 2D 1H Grapple, Non-Lethal, Thrown 5 2
Whip 3 3D 1H Fearsome 2, Grapple 4 1


Name Reach Damage Size Qualities Cost Encumbrance
Dragon's Paw 3 4D 2H Parrying 5 2
Gouge 3 4D 2H Intense 5 2
Gythka 2 4D 2H Knockdown, Parrying 5 2
Javelin 2 3D 1H Piercing 1, Thrown (M) 4 1
Spear 3 4D Unbalanced Piercing 1 5 2
Trikal 4 4D Unwieldy Piercing 1 6 3


Name Reach Damage Size Qualities Cost Encumbrance
Bow M 3D 2H Volley 6 2
Longbow L 3D 2H Volley 6 2
Shortbow C 3D 2H Volley 6 2
Sling C 3D 1H Stun 3 1
Bow, Askuzai C 3D 2H Unforgiving (Animal Handling) 1, Volley 7 2
Bow, Urikite Recurve M / L 3D 2H Volley 8 2
Bow, Raamite C 4D 2H Volley 6 2
Bow, Zophirian M 3D 2H Piercing 1, Volley 7 3


Name Reach Damage Size Qualities Cost Encumbrance
Small 1 2D 1H Parrying 4 1
Medium 2 2D 1H Parrying, Shield 2 5 2
Heavy 2 2D Unbalanced Parrying, Shield 4 6 3

Special: Once per scene when receiving a Wound, a character may instead sacrifice their wielded shield. This destroys the item beyond repair.



Name Soak Qualities Cost Encumbrance
Clothing 1 - 1 1
Light 2 - 6 2
Medium 3 / 1 courage Heavy or Noisy 12 3
Heavy 4 / 2 courage Heavy and Noisy 18 5


Cavalry X: If the attack is made as a mounted Charge Action, each Effect inflicts X additional damage.

Fearsome X: In addition to its normal damage, each Effect inflicts X mental damage.

Grapple: On one or more Effects, the weapon ensnares the target. They cannot move except to make an Acrobatics or Athletics test to escape, at a difficulty equal to the Effects rolled. The difficulty for Exploit Actions is reduced by 1 against ensnared targets. You may free an ensnared target as a free action.

Heavy: Whenever a character wearing this armor takes Fatigue, they suffer an additional Fatigue.

Hidden X: The weapon can be concealed, requiring an Observation test with a difficulty of X. After attacking, a character may spend two Momentum to quickly re-conceal it.

Improvised: When a 5 or 6 is rolled on a damage die, that die either provides 1 damage or its Effect, but not both like it would for a normal weapon.

Intense: If this weapon inflicts one or more Harms, it inflicts an additional Harm.

Knockdown: The weapon can knock the target prone. The target may prevent this for 1 Doom for each Effect rolled.

Noisy: A character wearing this armor has all of their Stealth test difficulties increased by one step.

Non-Lethal: The weapon can’t inflict Harm. When it would, it instead Dazes the target for a round.

Parrying: Reduce the Doom cost to Defend or Protect with the Parry skill by 1.

Piercing X: Ignore X soak for each Effect rolled.

Shield X: The wielder may use the Parry skill against Ranged attacks in addition to Melee attacks. When the wielder has Guard, a shield grants X Dice Cover Soak against Melee and Ranged attacks.

Stun: The weapon can inflict the Staggered condition. The target may prevent this for 1 Doom for each Effect rolled.

Thrown: The weapon can be used as a ranged attack, with an optimal range of Close. Some weapons are additionally marked with (M), having an optimal range of Medium.

Unforgiving X: If the target was affected by an Exploit action before the attack was made, the attack gains Intense and Vicious X. (NB: An Exploit action is a D1 Observation test. On a success, the next attack gains Piercing 2. Any Momentum generated on this test and subsequently added to the attack also increases the damage roll by +1D.)

Vicious X: The attack deals X extra damage for each Effect rolled.

Volley: When making a Ranged attack, a Load of ammunition may be spent to turn the attack into a Volley. This adds a bonus d20 to the attack roll and +1D to the damage roll if it hits.