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The Distant Lands of the Tyr Region

NB: These nations are newly invented for this homebrew version of Dark Sun.


Adakh 1
Adakh 2
The lands of Adakh are nestled high in the southern parts of the Ringing Mountains, spread around sporadically on plateaus, shelves, and slopes. The reclusive Adakhi are hunter-gatherers with a few cities centered around monasteries where they train in the Way.

Being so scattered, the Adakhi have no central government. Each settlement and monastery handles its own matters, usually by a council of eldest villagers or head abbot. In rare circumstances a meeting of all local groups may be called to discuss and come to a joint decision.


Asku-Khanaan 1
Asku-Khanaan 2
Asku-Khanaan 3
Asku-Khanaan is the local’s name for the Tablelands, which translates roughly as “The Lands of the Asku” or “The Land where Asku Reign”. They are a semi-nomadic people who worship their ancestors and the sky, and are widely feared for their mounted archers. The various Asku tribes have their own leaders, but ultimately they defer to their Khan, which is whatever tribal leader can gather the most support. Once a khan is established they are revered as the father figure of the entire tribe. The current Khan is old and weakening, many fear internal strife for succession is inevitable.


Azjol-Nerub 1
Azjol-Nerub 2
Azjol-Nerub, or “Mighty Nerub”, lies north of Raam and east of Yaramuke. This city-state is equal parts city, temple, and necropolis. The Scarab King rules this land, for he is both king and high priest, and the only child of the sun. Upon a Scarab King’s death, the eldest heir is crowned and anointed in a secret ritual; it is said that the Sun blesses the king with wisdom and strength. The current Scarab King is a woman named Ankhesenaten IV. As per the land's customs, despite being a woman she is still a king and can be referred to as either female or male, depending on whether one speaks of her as a person (female) or as his role as head of state (male).

A childhood fever has left Ankhesenaten blind in one eye. Various nobles have used this to argue that she is flawed and an unworthy king, providing them with an excuse to push back against her reforms. But they must tread carefully, for the Scarab King is worshiped as a living god by the Nerubians.


Bedaj 1
Bedaj 2
Bedaj 3
Bedaj 4
The Bedaji people are nomads. They have no land of their own and this has been so since time immemorial. Few can survive in the wilderness as they can. They are famously competent scouts and guides and have strict codes of hospitality, both as the host and as the guest.

The Bedaji have various leaders depending on the circumstances. In times of conflict, their strongest warrior has absolute authority. In times of peace, it is their oldest members. But above all the Bedaji are ruled by their traditions.


Myrmedia 1
Myrmedia 2
Myrmedia 3
Warlike Myrmedia lies in the scrublands south of Ledo. They mine copper and tin out of the nearby mountains and use the bronze weapons to strike at their enemies. Most freeborn Myrmedians spend at least some years of their lives as mercenaries, returning home with glory and riches or falling in battle.

Its current king, Polynoistos, is a young man who has never seen war. As such, he is eager for it.


Sul 1
Sul 2
The kingdom of Sul lies in the fertile lands to the east of the Pristine Tower. Curiously, the Suel are pale-skinned and fair-haired, with blue and green eyes being very common. They prize knowledge and do not outlaw literacy. Their cruel monarchs are a long family line of powerful defilers who wield the secret of colorless fire, which they will turn upon foreign enemies as easily as upon rebellious citizens.

The land has some silver and alabaster, but in recent years prices have risen sharply. Emperor Suloise has also begun buying vast amounts of slaves, ivory, obsidian, as well as any surviving texts from the ruins of Kalidnay and Giustenal. It is clear that he's preparing some form of black sorcery, but what it is none can say.


Xeristan 1
Xeristan 2
This is a brutal, sun-beaten land within the Dragon’s Bowl. The warriors of this land scar themselves to mark their victories, which are the beasts and captives they take from surrounding lands. Although none of their neighbors love them, they must frequently deal with them to arrange for the freeing of hostages, to buy slaves, or to turn them upon one’s enemies.

A sickness swept over their land a few years ago, granting the region a moment of respite. Now the sickness is gone, cured by a strange cult of blood, snakes, and fire.


Zophiria 1
Zophiria 2
Zophiria 3
Zophiria 4
Queen Anzu
Zophiria is a young nation, a collective of tribes and nomads from the Black Spine Mountains, Great Ivory Plain, and Mekillot Mountains. While each tribe retains its own leader, they have sworn fealty to Anzu the Golden Queen. The discovery of precious mineral resources in the mountains – jewels, dyes, and trace metals – forced the tribes to either be enslaved by others, or to band together for survival. They chose the latter and the people prosper, though old rivalries simmer under the surface. Zophirian women frequently dye their hair and apply various cosmetics; a woman in public without color on her face is assumed to be a slave.

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