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The Way of the Carp

This is a game of Anima: Beyond Fantasy, set in the city of Setsu in the land of Lannet. We follow the story of the School of the Carp. It's a game of rival dojos, flashing swords, dastardly ninja, and heroic exploits. Or, well... it's got player characters in it. So who knows?

Team 1: The PCs

Kurokami Hoshiko
Yama, The Mountain

Team 2: The Dragons

Kotetsu, The Dragon's Heir
Class: Warrior
The master of the Carp School had a son. He had a great talent for the sword and was always thought to inherit the school one day. But then the son passed away, struck down in combat. Now Kotetsu, the master's cousin, stands to inherit. He too is a talented fighter but always the shadow of the past looms over him. Whatever he does, he can never quite compare to the memory of the beloved previous heir.
Kotetsu 1
Kotetsu 2
Kotetsu 3

Hana, The Dragon-Flower of Setsu
Class: Acrobatic Warrior
This young woman is famed for both her elegance and her lightning quick, dual-wielding swordplay.
Hana 1
Hana 2
Hana 3

Ryuujou, The Prancing Dragon
Class: Warrior-Summoner
Young Ryuujou is both a priestess and a fighter, wielding a blade with one hand and a prayer strip with the other. Although her ki is not as refined as her teammates, she can call down kami to aid her in battle.
Ryuujou 1
Ryuujou 2

Team 3: Blades in the Dark

The Manslayer
Class: Shadow
His real name, his history, and his motives are all shrouded in mystery. All that we can say for sure is that The Manslayer earned his name, and he did so with a smile on his face.
The Manslayer 1
The Manslayer 2
The Manslayer 3

Megumi, The Kitchen Devil
Class: Assassin
Despite the name, Megumi is actually a rather gentle soul and without a doubt the least violent person in the entire school. She is more at home in the kitchen than on a battlefield. Her cooking is, in fact, excellent. It is in fact so excellent that she knows exactly how to extract fugu poison, how to make a dish that kills within minutes, and how to serve a lethal cup of tea without affecting its subtle fragrance or flavor.
She is sometimes also called Megumi the Willow Blade, named after the Yanagi-ba cooking knife she wields more expertly than she wields her actual sword.
Megumi 1
Megumi 2
Megumi 3

Tsukitsu, The Silver Tsunami
Class: ??
Tsukitsu is a Daima, one of the Beast-People who have existed since ancient times on the Varja Islands but now form an ethnic minority. She's usually unfailingly polite, but sometimes her inner beast takes over and she becomes a destructive blur of white hair and claws.
Tsukitsu 1
Tsukitsu 2
Tsukitsu 3