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Brecht Culture


Endurance: 22 + Heart Hope: 8 + Heart

Cultural Blessing: Neither Crown nor Church

The Brecht are a highly self-reliant people, prizing their individuality and independence more than their allegiance to a noble house, a nation, or some church’s hierarchy. As such they are used to handling their problems on their own instead of seeking help from above.

When you roll a Divine symbol on any Common Skill test, treat your roll as if you also had rolled an additional Tengwar rune. In addition, Brecht start with 12 free experience points instead of 10.

Weapon Skills

(Spears) 2, Bow 1, Dagger 1 Rapier 2, Bow 1, Dagger 1

Common Skills

Body Heart Wits
Personality Awe 0 Inspire 1 Persuade 2
Movement Athletics 1 Travel 1 Stealth 0
Perception Awareness 1 Insight 2 Search 1
Survival Explore 1 Healing 0 Hunting 0
Custom Song 1 Courtesy 2 Riddle 1
Vocation Craft 2 Battle 1 Lore 1


Choose two from: Boating, Fishing, Folk-lore, Mountaineer, Region-lore, Trading