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The Team from Cellblock D

Experiment XII & Poppy

Few people know the history of this enigmatic duo. The man seems to be fused with armor made from ancient relics, which appear to be stonework but are nearly invulnerable. This man doesn't speak and sometimes appears mindless. Although slow, he's a nearly invincible warrior! The little fairy named Poppy does speak but reveals no secrets. The two are inseparable.


All captured ninja claim their names are "Hanzo" so this is almost certainly not the truth. The Inquisition only knows that he comes from Lannet and was captured in Gabriel while on a mission. His capture was only possible through some random fluke, as he's a very skilled infiltrator and combatant.

Yao Mei, the Witch from the East

Yao Mei is an eastern mystic who possesses frightful magical powers. Her polite elegance conceals a devious mind, capable of driving people to madness and ruin with little effort.

Zhara Nefer

A descendant of Kha-Nefer, the most dreaded figure in Estiigan history. This dark priest of old used his magic to terrorize the lands and perform unspeakable crimes. Though he was a tyrant, he did also destroy the country's enemies at the time so he is spoken of in equal measures of fear and respect. Zhara seems to be a real chip off the old block, considering herself the future ruler of Estigia and beyond. Now that the Holy Empire is crumbling, her ascendance is inevitable.