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Anuirean Culture


Endurance: 22 + Heart Hope: 8 + Heart

Cultural Blessing: Ruins of Empire

You hail from a culture with complex political connections and the people highly prize lineage. Political discourse is a popular topic of conversation. The Anuireans are masters of forging alliances with unlikely bedfellows. Frequent conflict and rebellions have also hardened their hearts against the terrors of war.

Your Valour and Wisdom both count as 2 higher for the purpose of determining the Tolerance of an Encounter you take part in. In addition, when making a Fear test you roll the feat die twice and keep the better result.

Weapon Skills

(Swords) 2, Spear 1, Dagger 1 Great Spear 2, Bow 1, Dagger 1

Common Skills

Body Heart Wits
Personality Awe 1 Inspire 2 Persuade 1
Movement Athletics 1 Travel 1 Stealth 0
Perception Awareness 1 Insight 2 Search 0
Survival Explore 0 Healing 0 Hunting 1
Custom Song 1 Courtesy 2 Riddle 1
Vocation Craft 1 Battle 2 Lore 1


Choose two from: Cooking, Gardener, Region-lore, Smith-craft, Story-telling, Woodwright