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Part 1: Hellknight Hill

Session 1

The party arrived as individuals in Breachill, here for the Call for Heroes. A goblin lady named Warbal told them about the troubles of the Bumblebrashers, her local goblin tribe who live underneath an abandoned old fortress nearby. The meeting at the town hall was cut short by fire mephits and a rapidly spreading blaze.

Session 2

Witnesses said that Calmont, a local halfling, was seen setting the fire. The party set out to investigate him first. He was an apprentice to a local book seller named Voz Lirayne. He had always been a scoundrel but never before had he done anything like this. As part of his job he sometimes worked with magical scrolls. This might explain the presence of the fire mephits. Others in town confirmed that Calmont was a bit of a rogue, always looking for a con or scheme to hit it big. But they never expected him to do something like Arson.

It was time to chase after Calmont, who had been seen running in the direction of Hellknight Hill, where stood the very same old fortress where the Bumblebrashers were in need of aid.

The party entered the fort and fought various foes, such as animated skeletons and a warg. They also found two malnourished warg puppies and decided to keep them and nurse them back to health.