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Tier Overview

Contenders for the Throne

The Boss

Tier 5, Weak Hold An Irish-American crime syndicate with vampires as their secret leaders.

The President

Tier 5, Weak Hold The Carthian Movement wants to establish a capitalist democracy to replace the "archaic" notions of Princes, ancillae, and feudal power structures.

The Tyrant

Tier 5, Strong Hold Princess (no other name ever given) looks young and fun and energetic (when she wants to), but she rose in power through unpredictable cruelty, vicious backstabs, and artful deception. Princess is stronger, more cunning, and far more monstrous than she lets on. In many ways she is the stereotypical Prince. Princess

The Archbishop

Tier 4, Weak Hold The Lancea Sanctum is the sole Covenant which survived the Incident mostly intact.

The Council

Tier 4, Strong Hold The three Dwimmer Sisters rose through prominence as merchants of mystic objects, lore, and rituals.

The Emperor

Tier 4, Strong Hold Marrow claims he would make a good Prince - after all, he already is Prince of Philadelphia. Who said you can be Prince of only one city? With modern communication and transport available, he can control a much larger territory. Marrow

The Master

Tier 4, Weak Hold Mr. Jenner appears a Victorian gentleman with some obsessions for architecture and geometry. To outside observers he seems to conquer arbitrary pieces of territory, according to plans and patterns only he can see. Mr. Jenner

Major Players

Amelia Seton, the Oracle

Tier 3, Weak Hold A young prophet and former puppet-Prince.

Harpies of Elysium

Tier 3, Weak Hold Neutral ground staffed and enforced by the Harpies, the vampire equivalent of muck-raking journalists, gossip circles, and PR nightmares.

The "Golden Immortals" Kuei-jin

Tier 3, Strong Hold The mysterious “oriental vampires” never had a stronghold on the US east coast. That changed when New Babylon fell.

The Leviathan Society

Tier 3, Strong Hold The local lodge of a powerful gentleman’s club with significant influence behind the scenes. Their innermost circle has been co-opted by vampiric influence.

Madame Gris

Tier 3, Strong Hold The old black widow who sits at the center of a web of deals, introductions, favors, and matchmakings.

Ryan Vess

Tier 3, Weak Hold The foreign investor here to start a war of conquest and make money.

Tremere Chantry

Tier 3, Strong Hold An ancient order of vampire blood-sorcerers. Unmatched in their mastery of dark magic, they covet the arcane secrets of others while jealously guarding their own.


Tier 2, Strong Hold A biker gang of vampires, ghouls, and blood dolls. Extremely violent and with zero respect for your traditions or your domain. They move like locusts, devouring town after town. Now they have come to eat a city.

The Elder

Tier 2, Weak Hold An ancient vampire awoke from torpor early due to the Incident. He has not communicated with anybody and single-handedly took over a city block as his home ground. If this was done through muddled instinct, his skills may be formidable once he fully recovers.

Coteries, Gangs, and Problems

The Sabbat Bloods

Tier 3, Weak Hold A street gang with unruly vampires at the top. Lords and masters up in the Projects.


Tier 2, Weak Hold No more elders. No more lords. No more Covenants.


Tier 2, Strong Hold A cell of vampire_ Hashshashin _who take their payment in blood.

The Dreadful Hounds

Tier 2, Weak Hold Former enforcers and thugs of the previous Princes. Smart enough to know they don't have the political skills to rule the city themselves, they will work for any Prince who will give them favorable contracts.

The Festering Chain

Tier 2, Weak Hold A coterie of horrific Nosferatu and ruthless Ventrue, they seize power over mortal resources through terror and enslavement.

The Gilded Cage Club

Tier 2, Weak Hold A burlesque theater club which hides a blood cult, where vampires are worshiped as fonts of blood and life.

The Giovanni Family

Giovanni Details Tier 2, Weak Hold An old and noble family, once ousted from the city by the Lancea Sanctum. They want back in.


Tier 2, Weak Hold The Moroi see themselves as undead first and parasites second. They have expertise in the other forms of undeath, such as ghosts, revenants, and even more unusual things. Conrad McGowan

The Rakshasa

Tier 2, Strong Hold An unusual bloodline from India. Rumored to be able to shift into grotesque, demonic shapes.

The Black Obelisk Cult

Tier 1, Strong Hold Archaeologists found a strange object in Egypt. They say it was the Obelisk which turned them into vampires,without the need of a sire's Embrace. They say it whispers to them. They say it wants to be fed.

The Grind Show

Tier 1, Weak Hold An evil Tzimisce circus with horror-clowns.

The Gutterbats

Tier 1, Weak Hold The very dredges of vampire society. Those too crazy, too stupid, or too foolish to allow them to stay nearby. Now these exiles have found each other and decided to form a gang.

Les Bêtes

Tier 1, Weak Hold An alt culture group with the wildest vampires you can possibly imagine. When it's time to party they will always party hard enough to get some poor motherfucker killed.


Tier 1, Strong Hold Every good Prince knows to keep a Spymaster. But the previous regimes had little use for them, given the presence of the Paperboy and the Oracle. Still, that doesn't mean there weren't any spies. They were there. Waiting. Watching. Remembering.

The Strix

Tier 1, Weak Hold Serial killer vampires to hunt and diablerize other vampires. Everybody hates these guys but without a Prince to call a blood hunt on them, nobody wants to be the one to cast the first stone (and earn their undivided attention). The Strix are smart enough to only hunt unpopular or unimportant targets, keeping the city's outrage to a minimum. Rumor has it that they employ some sort of special owls, who see all the dirty little deeds on the streets.