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Heaven Sword Clan

There was once a large family that swore to uphold the ideals of justice, protecting the common people from the villains of the martial arts world. That family still exists today and in this modern age they have organized themselves, becoming the backbone of a police force that upholds the law within the wulin. Many members Heaven Sword clan have excellent eyesight, which aids them both in combat and investigations.

Several lesser clans have allied themselves and intermarried with Heaven Sword, effectively becoming related by blood and responsible for different police departments. Such families include the demon-hunting Jin Shen, the ghost-hunting White Grave family, and the Hollow Sky clan which oversees the running of Zero Hold, the city's island-prison dedicated especially to members of the wulin.

Bloody Trail

His name refers both to the fact that he's a homicide detective and his tendency to force information out of people through somewhat less than legal methods. He likes to toy with people and enjoys the thrill of the challenge far more than he truly cares about seeing justice done. Some of his peers also think he has an unhealthy fascination with blood.

He keeps some unusual relations with several known criminals, like Silver Shade and Smiles-Like-Knife.

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Thunder Executioner

She is the leader of the clan's SWAT team. As such she is the one who most frequently has to face rampaging killers, which has made her the Heaven Sword's best fighter in turn.

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Witches' Brew

The harried and stressed Brew is responsible for running the night shift. Her name refers both to the insanely concentrated coffee she makes (drinking it can send the unprepared straight to the morgue) and the fact that the crazies come out at night - Brew has terrible luck and always seems to run into the worst helter-skelter situations the job has to offer.

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