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Tier Overview


The Terran Dominion

Tier 5, Weak Hold
The local government, under the leadership of Magistrate Robert Woodes.

Dominion Internal Security

Tier 4, Weak Hold
The inspectors’ job is to uphold utmost loyalty to Emperor Mengsk and the Dominion. To do so, they have carte blanche authority to spy on anyone, do anything, and overrule any decision, so long as it serves the Dominion.

Sigma Squadron

Tier 4, Strong Hold
A military fleet tasked with peacekeeping. They patrol shipping lanes and ports, guard vital Dominion installations, and ensure the population remains… motivated.

The Moebius Foundation

Tier 3, Strong Hold
A research group with an interest in xeno-archaeology. The Hades Cluster knows a few scattered ruins, with presumably more left to be found. They will pay for interesting pieces and to hire security for their operations.

New Danbury Prison

Tier 3, Strong Hold
The hellhole where criminals and political dissidents go for re-conditiong.

The Umojan Protectorate

Tier 3, Weak Hold
The Umojan Protectorate is a Terran nation and rival to the Dominion. Officially, they have no presence in this cluster. Unofficially, they have the same interests as the Moebius Foundation and a clandestine taskforce of theirs work in the shadows to beat their rivals to interesting finds.


Tier 3, Weak Hold
A religion-based rebellion, based around planet Mir’aj VII. They teach that true goodness come from the twin pillars of wisdom and knowledge, which frequently puts them in direct and violent opposition to the Dominion’s propaganda and deceptions. With the support of a worker population sick of the Dominion, they’ve grown into a minor fleet of corsairs and separatists.  


Tier 2, Strong Hold
The Universal News Network is a strange mix of plucky reporters eager to ferret out the truth, and propaganda mouthpieces. Their local office on Oceania is under strict Sigma Squadron security, as their archives contain vast stores of raw data, free from editing or censorship.