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Dirt of the Devil's Grip

Note: This character is a quasi-PC. She is run by a player who joins us every now and then when one of the others can't make it.

There once was a small kungfu family, who's style had earned them some renown. The exact details are lost, but at some point the family's heir angered a devil. There was a conflict, and in the end the family had to serve the devil for seven generations. It was then that the family's name changed to Devil's Grip.

This was much more then seven generations ago, and the servitude to the devil is long since finished. Unfortunately, seven generations at the mercy of a devil tends to leave it's mark. Abuse and violence ran rampant in the Devil's Grip family. Perhaps due to their once peaceful nature, the family recovered generation by generation.

And now, the latest generation of the Devil's Grip exists of a brother and sister, Dust and Dirt. Dust of the Devil's Grip is the older brother, working hard to improve the family's name. Dirt took a shine to outdated steam technology and kungfu. In every day life her movements are course and rugged, shaped by years of tinkering with far too heavy cogs and other machinery. She almost never goes anywhere without her giant wrench. She tries to be good, to deny the devil's heritage and she usually succeeds. Usually. It's only when she fights, that her true family lineage shines through. Because even though she uses her huge wrench as a weapon, her style is fluid and mostly defensive, with a few hard hitting wrench attacks.

She attends school on an irregular basis, usually preferring to tinker in a small warehouse just off campus. There's always some project going on, usually emulating readily available technology in a far more inefficient steam technology. It doesn't always explode.

Over the generations, the original family style has been polluted, twisted and deformed. Robbed of it's true essence, a mere mockery of it's former self. Deep down it is Dirt's deepest desire to restore the family's style to it's former, unfortunately forgotten, form. She just doesn't know how to approach such a gargantuan task.

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