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Welcome to the Sage Genesis Wiki!

A work in progress.

General note: I do not own any art used here. I also don't know who the artists are in most cases, they're just pictures I found while wandering the internet. If you're the artist of one of the pieces and want proper credit, drop me a line.


=====Nihao Honey=====

[[Schools|Schools]] [[Factions|Factions]] [[Gangs|Gangs]] [[Noteworthy Individuals|Noteworthy Individuals]]

=====Star Trek: Shackleton===== A game based on the Star Trek Adventures RPG, by Modiphius.

[[startrek|Star Trek: Shackleton]]

=====Dark Sun=====

[[darksunnations|Dark Sun: Nations of the Tyr Region]] [[darksunequip|Dark Sun: Weapons and Armor]] [[darksunothers|Dark Sun: The Others]]

=====Mass Effect=====

[[me|Mass Effect, using the Lancer RPG]]

=====Star Wars: Legend of the Five Rings=====

[[swl5r|Star Wars]] [[l5rstats|Of Dice and Men]]

=====Anima Beyond Fantasy=====

[[carpschool|Anima: The Way of the Carp]] [[carpstyle|Carp Style Sword Art]]

=====Birthright: Ruins of Empire=====

[[ruinsofempire|Ruins of Empire]]

=====New Babylon, a game of Vampire=====

[[New_Babylon|New Babylon]]

=====The Hades Cluster, a game of ""StarCraft""=====

[[Hades_Underworld|Hades Cluster: Underworld]] [[Hades_Institutions|Hades Cluster: Institutions]] [[Hades_Labor|Hades Cluster: Labor & Trade]] [[Hades_Civs|Hades Cluster: Civilians]]

[[BladesVoid|Blades in the Void: PC Rules]]