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Tier Overview

Labor & Trade

The Kel-Morian Combine

Tier 5, Weak Hold
Mining and shipping conglomerate, practically a nation unto itself.

Cirion Multinational Corp

Tier 4, Strong Hold
Combat armors, SCV’s.

Remedius Medical Systems

Tier 4, Weak Hold
Advanced medical research and facilities. Psi research and training. Cybernetic prosthetics.


Tier 3, Strong Hold
Modularity, retrofits, after-market mods for military vehicles. Missile pods for older class battlecruisers, orbital command uplinks, etc.


Tier 3, Strong Hold
Military arms developer using precision engineering to build stronger, faster, better. Missile range upgrades, single-piece shaped titanium armors, rapid deployment gravity tech, etc.

Enlightened Dynamics

Tier 3, Strong Hold
Military arms developer specializing in miniaturization. Anti-matter warheads, micro-fabricators, improved outer hulls and housing, etc.

Goraion Systems

Tier 3, Weak Hold
Civilian tech. Life support, terraforming, colonization.

ITB Inc.

Tier 3, Weak Hold
Computer systems, communications, sensors.

LarsCorp Technologies

Tier 3, Strong Hold
Military arms developer for defensive tech. Prototype defensive matrix forcefields, marine combat shields, improved IFF tech, etc.

Procyon Industries

Tier 3, Strong Hold, Status -1
Military arms developer specializing in being the lowest bidder. Mostly competent but tried and true design. Developed the Banshee to phase out the older Wraith aircraft.

Wolfe Industries

Tier 3, Weak Hold, Status +1
Experimental tech developer based on modern smart materials, superconductors, reverse-engineered Protoss robotics.


Tier 2, Strong Hold
Automation, robotics, heavy civilian industry.

Big Sky Inc.

Tier 2, Strong Hold
Space stations, platforms, satellites.

Singularity Travel Agency

Tier 2, Weak Hold
Civilian transport.