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======Tier Overview======

=====Labor & Trade=====

===The Kel-Morian Combine===
//Tier 5, Weak Hold// Mining and shipping conglomerate, practically a nation unto itself.

===Cirion Multinational Corp=== //Tier 4, Strong Hold// Combat armors, SCV’s.

===Remedius Medical Systems===
//Tier 4, Weak Hold// Advanced medical research and facilities. Psi research and training. Cybernetic prosthetics.

//Tier 3, Strong Hold// Modularity, retrofits, after-market mods for military vehicles. Missile pods for older class battlecruisers, orbital command uplinks, etc.

//Tier 3, Strong Hold// Military arms developer using precision engineering to build stronger, faster, better. Missile range upgrades, single-piece shaped titanium armors, rapid deployment gravity tech, etc.

===Enlightened Dynamics===
//Tier 3, Strong Hold// Military arms developer specializing in miniaturization. Anti-matter warheads, micro-fabricators, improved outer hulls and housing, etc.

===Goraion Systems===
//Tier 3, Weak Hold// Civilian tech. Life support, terraforming, colonization.

===ITB Inc.===
//Tier 3, Weak Hold// Computer systems, communications, sensors.

===""LarsCorp"" Technologies===
//Tier 3, Strong Hold// Military arms developer for defensive tech. Prototype defensive matrix forcefields, marine combat shields, improved IFF tech, etc.

===Procyon Industries===
//Tier 3, Strong Hold, Status -1// Military arms developer specializing in being the lowest bidder. Mostly competent but tried and true design. Developed the Banshee to phase out the older Wraith aircraft.

===Wolfe Industries===
//Tier 3, Weak Hold, Status +1// Experimental tech developer based on modern smart materials, superconductors, reverse-engineered Protoss robotics.

//Tier 2, Strong Hold// Automation, robotics, heavy civilian industry.

===Big Sky Inc.===
//Tier 2, Strong Hold// Space stations, platforms, satellites.

===Singularity Travel Agency=== //Tier 2, Weak Hold// Civilian transport.