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Virtues: Mixed Affiliation: Jade Dragon School Daily Life: Mildly annoyed and without surprises

Archetype: Scholar, D-Rank External: Fist of Legend Internal: Fox-Spirit Song, Removing Concepts Legacy : Eyes of Time

Fate used to be a student of the [[Master Heaven and Earth|Master Heaven and Earth]] school, but her defeat during a tournament lead to her expulsion. She has since joined the Jade Dragons thanks to the efforts of [[Torrent of Serenity|Torrent of Serenity]].

She is related to the most accomplished family of predictionists in the land, who have a potent legacy that lets them see a second or two into the future. Fate uses this to enhance her fighting abilities, but learned the hard way that just because you know what's coming doesn't mean you have the skills to stop it. Ever since she's focused on honing her martial skills instead of relying on her sight alone.

She shares a dorm room with [[God-Slayer|God-Slayer]].

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